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Lanyard covers, Tear-Away lanyard keeper, Tote bags and more!


  • Our wide range of accessories will have you covered no matter your application!


Type Protective accessories for harness wearing workers.
Made In USA Yes
Standards Meet ANSI & OSHA standards.


Item No. Product Description
7000-BLTL Work Positioning Belts
7000-BLTM Work Positioning Belts
7000-BLTQC Work Positioning Belts
7000-BLTXL Work Positioning Belts
7000-BLTXXL Work Positioning Belts
7000-CLIP Hydration Pack Clip
7000-CLTABS Hydration Pack Cleaning Tablets
7000-HYPK Hydrator Hydration Pack
7000-MAN Foam Harness Display Mannequin
7000-VL High Visibility Vest
7000-VM High Visibility Vest
7000-VS High Visibility Vest
7000-VXL High Visibility Vest
7000-VXXL High Visibility Vest
7001-VL High Visibility Vest
7001-VM High Visibility Vest
7001-VS High Visibility Vest
7001-VXL High Visibility Vest
7001-VXXL High Visibility Vest
7002-WCL Welders Jackets
7002-WCM Welders Jackets
7002-WCXL Welders Jackets
7002-WCXXL Welders Jackets
7002-WCXXXL Welders Jackets
7400-PKT Lanyard Tote Bag
8250-FRSLV6 Lanyard Protective Sleeve
8250-LS1 Lanyard Sto™
8250-NOMX4 Nomex Lanyard Cover
8250-NOMX6 Nomex Lanyard Cover
9600-HZD1 Plastic Warning Sign