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Crosby... A Name that Encompasses Years of Engineering Excellence

Those who know the name “Crosby” need no introduction to the significance this name holds within the rigging and lifting industry. It is a name that encompasses years of engineering and manufacturing excellence—a legacy founded on the principle of quality without compromise.

The Thialf, from Heerema Marine Contractors, is the largest crane ship in the world and Heerema’s main deepwater construction vessel (DCV). The Thialf was initially equipped with Crosby® McKissick® sheaves in 1985. In 2014, Heerema Marine Contractors started to refurbish the Thialf crane sheaves. Due to the proven product quality, value-added services and unmatched training that Crosby offers, the Thialf again used Crosby McKissick sheaves to extend its lifetime for another 20 years.

While Crosby is a household name for many those who have yet to discover the meaning behind the name need only a brief history to realize that the global achievements associated with Crosby products is a standard of quality, and innovation over the course of the past century.