2XL Series for 310 - 410 lbs Users

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Larger harnesses for when you need to fit the big boys.


  • Ergonomically designed to absorb shock when larger worker falls.
  • A sliding D-ring on the back of the harness helps absorb shock during fall arrest and properly position the body upright for prolonged suspension and retrieval.
  • Made of lightweight, chemical-resistant polyester webbing.
  • There is no waist strap across the soft, vulnerable midsection, allowing for more ease and comfort for work tasks requiring bending and kneeling.
  • The color-coded straps help workers put on the harness easier, faster, and properly.
  • A sub pelvic strap is included to provide extra comfort and support during and after a fall arrest.
  • Separate serial number for each harness for tracking and record keeping.
  • Incorporated into the back shoulder straps is the exclusive SM/RTC Safe-T-Fold® stress indicator that gives positive visual proof when the harness has experienced the excessive forces of a fall arrest.
  • Meets OSHA 1910.66 Appendix C, OSHA 1926 Subpart M, & ANSI Z359.1-2007.
  • Tested and Certified by RTC Fall Protection at their state-of-the-art facility in Schaumburg, Illinois.


Size 2X-Large (Over 310 lbs.)
Adjustable Points 5 Point
Chest Strap Buckles Quick Attach
Leg Strap Buckles Tongue Buckle
Back D-Ring Yes
Front D-Ring No
Work Positioning D-Rings No
Climbing D-Ring No
Shoulder D-Rings No
Made In USA Yes
Web Material Polyester
Accessories Integrated Lanyard Storage
Standards Meets OSHA 1910.66, 1926 subpart M and Z359.1 standards.


Item No. Product Description
7435-E410 Extra Big Tongue Buckle Full-Body Harness
7435-E410RWA Extra Big Tongue Buckle Full-Body Harness with SkyBelt
7435-E410Y Extra Big Tongue Buckle Full-Body Harness
7435-E410YCK Extra Big Tongue Buckle Full-Body Harness
7435-E410YRWA Extra Big Tongue Buckle Full-Body Harness with SkyBelt & Side D-Rings
7435-PT410 Tongue Buckle Full-Body Harness (For SRL Only)