Crosby® Value Added

Crosby KUPLEX 8+10 is a unique dual grade chain sling system. Advanced technical design, with precise material and heat treatment selection, has enhanced the high wear and fatigue properties for which Crosby KUPLEX is renowned throughout the world. Crosby KUPLEX 8+10 dual rated components can now be combined with either Crosby KUPLEX Grade 8 or Grade 10 chain for the most versatile system ever produced (see dual load chart on page 441). A range of components is available from 7mm up to 32mm allowing a wide variety of slings to be supplied with load ratings up to 85 tonnes.

Crosby KUPLEX 8+10 components have been designed using the latest CAD facilities which allows for a full stress analysis of each component prior to manufacture.

Crosby KUPLEX 8+10 components are subjected to non-destructive testing giving the user complete peace of mind.

Crosby KUPLEX Grade 8 and Grade 10 chains are subjected to nondestructive tests, calibration and visual inspection.

Crosby KUPLEX 8+10 components and KUPLEX Grade 10 chain are 25% stronger than existing Grade 8 components and chain.