Crosby Kuplex® KM Master Links

All Crosby KUPLEX components have strength characteristics that exceed those of the chain with which they are to be used.

Each Crosby KUPLEX component has a reference which relates to one of the chain sizes listed on Page 447. Where the reference includes a number, e.g., KSS 10N, the number itself refers to the chain size with which it is to be used, in this case 10mm chain. A component having a reference comprising letters only, e.g., KM-C, is a multipurpose component and in order to determine the relevant chain size it is necessary to refer to the appropriate table. All Crosby KUPLEX components are subjected to 100% non-destructive testing in accordance with BS EN 10228:1999 Part 1. Each Crosby KUPLEX component conforms in all respects with EN 1677.