Crosby® Value Added

Designed for the Rigours of Commercial Fishing

Crosby Trawlex® offers a range of chain and components specifically devised for the rigours of commercial fishing. From the outset, it has been created with the end user in mind. By designing the range of products with experienced trawler men and with the use of extensive seagoing research, Crosby Trawlex® has proven to be the most versatile and cost effective method of trawl rigging available. The complete Crosby Trawlex® range of products is enriched with super-strength capabilities as a result of special steels and heat treatment used in the manufacturing process. The heat treatment also ensures that ductility is retained, resulting in the products being highly resistant to the effects of shock loading and wear.

Profile Chain the Shape of Things to Come!

The real challenges to fishing gear when new, are set by the industry’s severe environment. These conditions may result in early failures caused by wear and corrosion. The new Crosby Trawlex® Profile Chain has been designed to take up these challenges.

Wear –

The revolutionary design and the use of wear resistant materials in Crosby Trawlex® Profile Chain have greatly reduced the effects of wear, the main cause of reduction in a chain’s tensile strength, compared with traditional chain (fig1).

Corrosion and Fatigue –

As yet, corrosion cannot be eliminated at an acceptable cost; however the increased contact areas of Crosby Trawlex® Profile Chain (fig2), together with the use of improved materials and heat treatment, have radically reduced the chances of stress and fatigue and therefore the effects of corrosion.