McKissick® 380Z Series Easy Reeve® Hook Blocks

The patented McKissick Split-Nut® is the standard retention system for standard crane blocks up to 100 Tons.

  • Wide range of products available.
    • Capacity: 5 to 80 Tons - Larger Models Available.
    • Sheave Sizes: 10” to 20”.
    • Wireline Sizes: 7/16” to 1-1/4”.
  • All single point shank hooks are genuine Crosby®, forged alloy steel, Quenched and Tempered, and have the patented QUICCHECK ® markings (Duplex hooks are available on most sizes).
  • Design factor of 4 to 1 (unless otherwise noted).
  • All Easy Reeve® Blocks are furnished standard with Roller Bearings.
  • Reeving Guides Standard – All Models.
  • Blocks thru 25 Tons use 319N hooks with S-4320 latches.
  • Heavy Duty Positive Locking (PL) Latch – Models: 30 Tons and larger.
  • Sheave lubrication through center pin - separate lube channel to each bearing.
  • Sheaves fully protected by side plates.
  • Dual action hook (swings and rotates).
  • Repair parts available through worldwide distribution network.
  • All Easy Reeve® blocks 16” and larger are furnished with McKissick® Roll-Forged sheaves with flame hardened grooves.
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001 and API Q1 certified facility.
  • “Look for the Orange Hook . . . the mark of genuine McKissick® quality”.